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Do you Love Travel?

When you were a young adult did you love to travel, but now as a more mature adult with a family does it feel out of reach for you? I am here to tell you it can still be done, just because you have kids doesn’t mean that you have to stop pursuing your passion!

Have you traveled some with your family but want to take it to the next level and do more? I want to help you pursue that dream and make it a reality!

Would you want to pick up and move some where for a few months? Sometimes it seems so impossible to to something this crazy but you know what I did it! My family and I took about a year and a half and traveled and it was amazing!!!
When we started packing for our adventure it was scary and everyone seemed to think we were nuts or looked at us like we were never going to actually pull off extend travel with just our family and a few bags!

How We Changed our Lives for the Better!

Back in 2013 I was a working mom commuting 2+ hours a day. We were just living day to day, eat, sleep, work, and not much family time – just getting by. At one point we decided this is crazy we should live somewhere cheaper so that we can save more money and have more time together. From that moment our lives changed forever! We joked well if we are going to go somewhere cheaper we should go somewhere tropical. My husband and I both laughed, but then it got serious we started to look for tropical places to live that were reasonably priced and about 6 months later we packed up our 2 young kiddos and were on our family adventure! It has landed us many places in the USA and also central america! Armed with 3 years of Spanish in high school I was ready to take on central america! Ok, my Spanish still sucks but its getting better and we have managed to get by!!

What can you Learn from Me?

In this blog I hope to empower families to take a risk and travel more!

To see the world and don’t let the fact that you have children stop you, but motivate you to do more! The more they see the more they learn!

I hope to give you tips and tricks that I have figured out along the way, from planning and preparing for your travels and more. I want to give you ideas on where to go and what to see and do!

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