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Most days the weather is beautiful but, with beauty comes the heat of the sun!  Luckily the temperature is typically between 80 and 90F, although its not horribly hot you can sure get sweaty walking around town!  So it’s very important to stay hydrated!  Here are some of the local spots and types of drinks that I like to get!

Pineapple juice – jugo de piña

It’s amazing they make it at all of the restaurants. It’s also called a batido which is a pulpy juice and can be made in many flavors including watermelon, papaya, mango, strawberry and other fresh fruits.
They take fresh pineapple add some water, sugar(it’s really not necessary so you can ask for it without) and ice. They blend and serve! What’s awesome is it’s typically cheaper than soda pop around $2!  And with pineapples so cheap at the farmers market you can make them easily at home if you have a blender!

Fresh coconuts(pipas)

Hey lady! Pipas!! That’s what my favorite pipa guys cat call sounds like! Lol If you are at the beach you will see many people walking with a small cooler shouting “pipas!” the first price they will give you is 1000 colones which is $2 but if you tell them 700 colones ($1.50)they will agree most of the time, otherwise just wait for the next person to come by. I have heard they will go down to 500 colones but i feel bad negotiating too low as its hard work walking up and down the beach in that brutal heat (that may sound like a joke, but I am being serious, it’s so hot in that sun!)!  Also, if you finish the coconut water then you can ask them to cut it for you and you can eat the flesh! Its so good its not anything like the coconut flakes you get at the store its very soft mild flavored treat!

Of course, you can also get them for 600 colones at Manderina(the smoothie shop) but they are frequently out and take a bit more time to open them up.

Juice in a bag

Its just like it sounds a bag filled with some sort of juice (tamarind, lemonade, fruit punch, watermelon and other flavors) you buy them for about $1(500 colones) snip the end of the bag and suck the juice out!! Great price and fun experience too!  These are sold out of coolers by street vendors also. Normally, they are super cold because I believe that they freeze them which makes them a cross between a slushie and juice!

Orange Juice Guy

There is an older guy that comes to town in the mornings to make freshly squeezed orange juice.  He typically parks near the T in the road before the loop in Tamarindo.  I am not sure of his exact schedule but I have scouted him out on my way to the farmers market on Saturdays.

He has a bunch of oranges and freshly squeezes the juice for you right there!  When he runs out of oranges he just packs up and goes home! The price was about a dollar for a cup, but if you bring a jug he will fill that up for you too! I am not sure of the larger sized prices.

Don’t worry if the oranges are green! That’s how they grow in Costa Rica! The juice is super sweet and doesn’t need any sugar!

Smoothies from Madarina 

They have 2 locations in town which is nice! They have a ton of fresh fruit and will make you any smoothie you can imagine they run around $3.  Its like subway for fruit!  All of this delicious fresh local fruit cut up and ready to be blended.  They also have some other great stuff to like the cheap pipas I mentioned above!

One time I was trying to see if they had peaches but with my poor spanish I ended up with a beet smoothie… Yes, you read that right BEET! When it came out I saw it was bright maroon. So I said gracias and was on my way to try my mystery smoothie. Then I tried it… It tasted like dirt! Yuck that one got thrown away! Lol


Costa Rica also has the sodas that we are used to in the USA, but if you are looking for unsweet ice tea it is VERY tough to find!  I found that you can buy the Liptons tea bags at the grocery store and make your own but otherwise tea is always sweet normally fruit flavored.

Many local restaurants have alcoholic drinks 2X1 during the day… I have been known to get my drink on and let the kiddos play at the restaurant playlands a few times;)

Finally, for me and my family we would drink the tap water. It was fine to drink and most people I know do it, but if you have a weak stomach you may not want to just to be safe!

There you have it a quick run down on various drinks and locations to get them. I hope this was helpful! Are there any drinks that you guys enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

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