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When I am hanging out at a play land (running my children so that I can get to bed at a decent hour!), I start talking with the other parents one of the most common questions I get is “where do you live?”.  A few years ago that would of been a simple answer, in Southern California.  However, since we have moved from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles we have lived a nomadic adventure!

When we moved from LA we wanted to not feel tied down to a location for awhile so without having a home base(no rent or mortgage means more travel  money!) we traveled for 1 year.  Just me, Crystal, my husband, Ron – a work from home computer nerd, Conner and Emma – one and a half and four when we set out on our adventure in May 2013!  We had 4 large duffel bags, 2 backpacks, a couple of car seats and a stroller. Our goal was to see some of the USA and hang out in Central America for about a year! Our travels in the USA took us to Las Vegas NV(2 weeks), Austin TX(6 weeks), and Brooklyn NY(2 months).  From there we traveled to Central America starting in Coronado Panama(3 and a half months), then to Tamarindo Costa Rica(We fell in love with the city and stayed for 6 months!).

After Costa Rica we were really missing our family and friends- even though we had created a new group of friends everywhere we went – so our travels led us back to the USA in Edmond Oklahoma!  It’s funny I get to this part of the story and people always give me a strange face and say “Oklahoma?!?”  I was actually born in Oklahoma, I have a bunch of family there and it was a great time to create a stronger connections with my relatives there for me and my family(especially my kiddos)!  Our original plan was to stay for a year but once we moved all of our belonging from our storage unit in California to Oklahoma we decided that moving sucks(and its expensive) so we put it off another year.  Two years in Oklahoma was great we got to meet a bunch of new life long friends and explore the state! We also got to be part of a few tornado seasons! Glad to report we were never in a tornado pathway!  As my daughter put it “Everyone said that there are going to be tornadoes here and we never even saw one!”.

Once we left OK we decide to take a 3 month trip to Costa Rica.  It really has become our home away from home, we hope to retire there!  We love the culture of the beach town, have made many good friends and my husband LOVES the surf on that beach!  This was our first trip where Emma was enrolled in school so we home schooled her for our time there.  We had a great time and were sad to leave our little piece of paradise!

From there we traveled to Johnson City Tennessee for a month.  This was purely so that my husband could work out of the Tennessee office of the company he works for.  I loved the history there, the old houses and buildings were beautiful especially during Christmas!  I signed the kids up to do a school day at an old school house from the early 1900’s!

Right now we are currently living in Eugene, Oregon.  This is where I grew up and I have known as home for so long.  We are settling down here but we still expect to travel…

So that is the cliff notes version of my most common question about where do I live.  Some times I go into detail but most of the time I just grin and say “its a long story!”.

Do you travel a lot and get any common questions?  Let me know in the comments sections I would love to hear them!

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