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I love farmers markets! When we lived in California I would go every week to the Santa Clarita farmers market. I would get the most delicious strawberries in the world there! I would call the crepe guy on my way over so he would have my strawberry banana honey milk crepe ready when I got there! So good…..

Anyway what was I talking about! Lol farmers markets are great I love the vibe and so much fresh local produce!

Tamarindos Feria


Emma Eating a fresh Lychee

It occurs every saturday from 8am – 1pm. When we were there a few years ago it was small about 6 or 7 vendors in front of Cafe Tico(rumor is they have the best banana bread) and Jamie Peligro book store(awesome little used book store there is a toy box there that the kids love!).

By the time we left after 6 months they had moved it to an open lot and had a few more vendors. So we were excited to see how it had changed over the year! It had totally morphed into a great mix of homemade goodies(fresh organic spice blends, pizza, samsoas, ice cream, cookies etc.) and items(painted drift wood, clothing, jewelry, furniture etc.) and lots of produce! I would say they probably have 30+ vendors now and so many people come week after week!


1 If you want the best selection go early! I never got to try a samosa because they were always gone by the time we arrived!


Mr Honey is the left table and a truck loaded up with fruity goodness to the right!

2 For the best deals show up late! This works best with our schedule too! Vendors are likely to barter more at the end of the day so they can sell everything-especially the stuff that goes bad quickly!

3 Walk around before you buy! Compare prices and quality!

4 Bring a backpack! Pineapples get really heavy to carry in a plastic bag!

5 Produce shop at the farmers market then go to the grocery store to get what you couldn’t find!

6 Try something new! We got a dragon fruit and tried it, they look crazy but have an amazing mellow flavor and beautiful fushia color!

7 Have cash, I prefer to have small bills so if you barter they don’t have to make change!


Conner enjoying some coconut flesh

8 Look around and see what other people are getting! Maybe you will see a pastry or something that you wouldn’t normally try and find out its the best!

9 Keep hydrated! I like to freeze a water bottle at night so it melts during the time outside! Then when the kids are thirsty you have cold water! Something like this is great!

10 When buying trinkets or jewelry items try to think of if it has a place in your house or if you would wear it at home.  If not pass on it and save your money on something that fits in your life! I have noticed that sometimes just because I am at a place that has a lot of a certain item I feel like I should have one.

Random Side Story

For example, a few years ago we went to the kiss mini golf course in Las Vegas (awesome place btw) they have all of this kiss memorabilia and I almost got a hello kitty kiss doll.  Then I realized that if I was at Walmart I wouldn’t get it so why should I get it here! Money saved and clutter avoided!! Lol



Do you have any farmers market tips? I would love to hear it!

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